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Hi, there! I purposefully limit my email time to lower stress and focus on my wellness. So I must admit, it might take a little while for me to get back to you. However, I do try to get back to people as soon as I can.

Here are some notes that might help you get what you’re looking for right away.

Invite me to Speak

For more information on speaking requirements, see the bottom of my speaking page. If all looks good, feel free to send me a message.

Hire me as a consultant

For more information on the types of consulting I do along with the pricing, check out my consulting page.

Can I buy you a coffee to pick your brain?

Unfortunately, I’m not able to take these on anymore. However, you can purchase an office hour with me.

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Cool. If you already checked out the FAQ and you still want to contact me about something not covered, then here is a handy form. Thanks!

Please note that the following messages will most likely get ignored:

  • Harassment, insults, trolling, or nitpicking either me or my work.
  • Requests to add a link, blog post, or any other content to my website.

If you are contacting me for consulting, please use my questionnaire instead.

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