As a core team member, I act as creative director and a decision maker for website content/features.


After working with Bermon Painter to art direct the logomarks, I then created an extensive brand style guide of colors and typefaces to be used for the website.

Visual Design

I led the design and brand design to work with the established brand and systemized the visual attributes into a style guide.


Sassy glasses for the homepage, with colon and semicolon detail in the glasses.

Other illustrations for the documentation.

Front-end Development

I built out most of the website’s web standard HTML and CSS with Sass, using Middleman as a static site generator. I also used an early version of design tokens, which started as YAML and exported to Sass variables, classes, and markup for the style guide.



Additional Credits

Bermon Painter, initial logo shape, some website design

Michael Parenteau, some website design

Additional content and support by Hampton Catlin, Natalie Weizenbaum, Chris Eppstein, etc.