In addition to being the lead designer on the Salesforce Lightning Design System, I also led our evangelism and community efforts as Editor in Chief of our UX blog, owner of our Twitter account, our conference sponsorships and budget, and more.


Visual Design

I systemized much of the visual design attributes through consolidation, tokenizing, and documentation, such as refactoring our spacing to use a 4-based system and narrowing down our typographic scale. I worked closely with designers to ensure their designs were cohesive, or, to apply their new proposed values back into the system.

I also designed some of the internal tooling, presentations, and materials, including the launch party signage for the design system.


Front-end Development

I spent an extensive couple months working with the engineering team to architect design tokens and refactor the production code base to use them.

Then, when the Lightning Design System project kicked off, I co-led the initial architecture for the CSS with Sass organization for the components, and helped develop some of the components themselves. I prototyped and built much of the first version of the style guide website before things got abstracted into React. And I maintained and built much of the documentation that came after.

I also worked on several internal projects, including:

  • developing the code diff history viewer for the internal dashboard
  • the Dreamforce UX event website
  • an un-launched Salesforce Design website
  • a pro-bono website built on the Lightning Design System for the UCSF Wisdom Study
  • and helping with AI image recognition tool using the design system



Additional Credits