Apple Online Store



I led the remodel project which move the e-commerce website from a table-based and spacer-gif layout to a web standard XHTML and CSS.


Visual Design

I worked closely with interaction designers to transform their loose wireframes into final rendered designs that aligned to the Apple aesthetic. Everything was documented in a style guide to be reusable and maintainable. I also was tapped to help with design for various internal projects for small websites and swag.


Apple Online Store Ninjas design based off of the Apple logo used for our team building games.

Front-end Development

I wrote much of the XHTML and CSS for the remodel. I also defined the CSS architecture for how style sheets started globally then extended to various contexts, including B2B and Education variants, and localized variants, which amounted to hundreds of online store variations. I also assisted the MarCom (marketing & communications) team to provide additional front end support during high priority product launches.



Additional Credits