A clock being boxed in by a strong shadowy wall.

ADHD-related time blindness is an all too familiar experience that I’m unfortunately quite used to. I often find myself losing track of time or misreading the cues of when a task needs to be completed on schedule. It affects my long-term goals and even everyday tasks like ensuring I am on time for appointments or classes. This was especially problematic during my school years when I had difficulty adhering to deadlines and making it to classes on time.

It’s hard for me to explain my ADHD-related time blindness in a way that those without ADHD can understand. I'm often met with feelings of confusion and disbelief when attempting to convey the reality of my situation. ADHD is a real neurodivergence affecting many people worldwide. I know I'm not alone in this experience, and I try to take things one step at a time every day.

One small positive thing I have noticed is that more people are opening up and talking about ADHD and other aspects of neurodiversity. I hope that this will help more neurotypical folks understand it.