Illustration inspired by horror and a restaurant

“The Menu” is one of my new favorite movies. I missed its theatre run, but it was just released on HBO. With gorgeous aesthetics, fantastic actors, and a ridiculously silly plot, it kept me quite entertained. The film follows a couple, along with a few other couples and groups, going to a high-end restaurant experience. They get on a boat to get there, as the restaurant is set on a beautiful island. And I should mention it is a horror (one of my favorite genres).

Text reads “The Menu”. Image is the Chef Slowik in the center, with Margot and Tyler in the front at the dinner table, and Elsa watching in the background.
Cover art for The Menu

I enjoyed the movie for many reasons, one of which is how on-point it was in how pretentious some fancy Michelin-star restaurant experiences can be. Though I do enjoy these experiences anyway! From the choreography of the food service with all the restaurant staff moving in sync, to the long introductions before each course, and to the absurd tasting notes with each wine pour. And then combining all that with horror — what’s not to love?

Overall, “The Menu” is delightful. The cast does a great job of portraying the characters with authenticity, especially lead actor Anya Taylor-Joy who has quickly become one of my top favs. Ralph Fiennes is also quite fantastic. The production values, set designs, and even the typography used throughout the movie and in the credits are top-notch, with an enticing score that adds a layer of pretension and thrill to the movie.

This movie has me both wanting to book a reservation at a fancy restaurant — and yet not, due to the horror aspect. Bon appétit!