Illustration of a swanky hotel room

I love cool, boutique hotels. Every time I travel, hotels become an integral part of my journey — they are places where I can relax, unwind and take a break from reality. So much so that I even stay at hotels when I am not traveling. Whether it’s to be conveniently closer to an event in the city or want a quiet place to work and take a long bath in a soaking tub, the amenities hotels offer can make all the difference in a trip. From comfortable beds and great food to swimming pools and spas, hotels help make traveling easy and enjoyable.

My hotel brand of choice is Kimpton. And before you wonder if this is a sponsored post, it is not. I’m just a really big fan! (Though Kimpton, if you ever want me to become your new official influencer, let’s talk!)

I’ve been staying in Kimpton hotels off and on ever since staying at my first one in 2006 (in Cupertino), which was next to the Apple campus that I was interviewing at. The bedding, bathroom, and even the robes gave me an experience I hadn’t had in other hotels prior.

I have been loyal to Kimpton since. Then the acquisition by IHG opened up a wider network of options for places to stay. Around 2018, I was invited into Kimpton’s Inner Circle, which usually means getting special treatment — though it varies from hotel to hotel. Some might give you a thank you and some extra points, while others offer concierge text support and may even bring welcome gifts and offer a chef’s tasting at their restaurant. I think it’s a great program because once you’re in, you become even more loyal and seek out new experiences in new locations.

With the pandemic, my travel decreased significantly. So I was delighted to be invited back into the program again for 2023. It has me pondering places I want to go this year. If I wanted to set an ambitious lifestyle goal for myself, I would love to try to stay at 10 Kimpton hotels that I have not stayed at before!