Card Review: Thick Lines

Thick Lines is the first card deck offered by DeckStarter, designed by Draplin Design Co.

The Box

This deck comes in a pretty cool animating case called MagicPak™. The box is “decked out” (pun totally intended) with thick-lined circles in very vibrant sunny colors. The thick slab type has a retro vibe going.

Card Backs

The backs are attractive with the same mirrored sunny circle designs.

Number Cards

The thick-lined pip shapes match well with the retro slab typeface used for the numbered cards.

The Aces

Instead of just the Aces of Spades, all four Aces get a big, bold pip in the center.

The Face Cards

The face cards use the traditional style of mirrored poses that most decks have, but the thick outlines help set them apart. I love the DDC logos in the center. It almost feels like a big belt buckle.

Jokers & Other Cards

The Jokers are very simple and rely on typography instead of an illustration. I like that the corners of the cards say “HA HA”. Not many Jokers get corner artwork.

Finally, the deck also comes with information cards for both Burgopak (the makers of the MagikPak) and Deckstarter.