Design Systems

Design systems bring together style guides, patterns, UI libraries, CSS frameworks, and brand to help design teams build clear, efficient, consistent, and beautiful products. But, where does a design team or a solo designer begin?
Jina, a designer who has helped build design systems for smaller design agencies and large-scale enterprise ecosystems alike, shares her process and experience so you can begin a design system of your own, and have the structure and insight needed for ongoing success.

In this workshop, you’ll explore key steps in the process:

  • Starting with research: talking to who's involved, to better understand why we're doing this.
  • Conducting a UI inventory: find the user interface elements, and group them by common patterns.
  • Documenting the concerns: open questions and action items.
  • Defining the vision: decide on the design principles, create the user stories and roadmap, and determine the metrics.
  • Creating a style guide: why they should be living documents, abstracting with design tokens.
  • Creating a UI kit/UI library: whether in Sketch/Photoshop or in HTML, follow best practices.
  • Refactoring & realigning UI: moving legacy UI over.
  • Where to from here: intro to automation and testing, and how to survive over time.


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