Let’s Work Together

I am available for design systems consulting. I bring over 15 years of experience in design and frontend, working with large enterprise-scale companies, start ups, agencies, and more. This includes my experience leading design systems efforts at Amazon, Salesforce, and Apple. I can offer education for teams and individuals so that you’re equipped and empowered to create maintainable, scalable, and thoughtful design systems.

Particularly, my work on the Salesforce Lightning Design System spans across multiple facets, as I pitched it and got buy-in, led the information architecture and interaction design, standardized and codified the visual language, helped form the architecture for the frontend development, spearheaded the evangelism early on which led to its prominence in the industry, mentored with third-party developers at Dreamforce and local workshops on how to implement it, and much more.

While some companies may be looking for a consultant to come in and do the job, I prefer to work with teams as a design systems coach or advisor instead. I believe it is in your best interest to seek this option, so that when our contract ends, your team has all the knowledge and tools needed to move forward.


Before we begin, please fill out this questionnaire. I ask that you give me at least 48 hours to go over your responses and prepare and create an agenda. If you are meeting with me more than once, you do not have to fill out the questionnaire for each meeting. Instead, you can send over an email with any questions or topics to cover. If you want to wait until the meeting to ask your questions, that’s fine, but by giving them to me earlier, we can make the meetings more productive and valuable to you.

How We Meet

Working together can be done either online (via your preferred video conferencing service) or onsite. Onsite engagements require that travel expenses are covered and there is enough advance notice so travel can be sorted.

Consulting Options

Office Hour

An hour in which you can ask me anything in the context of design systems. $500. Invoiced or Book now on


In which I meet with your team regularly for design system feedback and answering any questions you have. You can do this on a monthly cadence at $400 per month (if you commit to at least 2), or you can do a monthly cadence billed annually ($4,400 which gets you one month free).

Note, that if you are a Patreon Full Moon member, you get monthly advising automatically along with additional benefits including earning toward an automatic Silver partnership for Clarity, the premiere design systems conference. Learn more on Patreon.

If you want to meet more frequently, you can do a weekly cadence at $300 per week (if you commit to at least 4), or you can do a weekly cadence billed annually ($14,250 which gets you a month’s worth free).


In which I engage a bit further with developing an action plan or an audit, and spend more time on education and resources for your team. You can do a single day at $3,500, or a week at $14,000 (which gets you a day free).


I have two workshops I can offer:

Getting Started with Design Systems — An introduction to design systems, along with a plan for getting started. This is best for companies who are starting from scratch. Lucky you!

A Real World Design Systems Workshop — Not everyone is starting from scratch with color palettes. This workshop focuses on the real-world practice of design systems, such as inheriting a design system, or trying to retrofit one into a legacy product.

Contact me to discuss pricing.


I’m less inclined to do freelance design systems work, because I think it’s more beneficial to educate the team instead. However, depending on the project or company, I will take some of these on in limited capacity. Contact me to discuss pricing.


If you are a for-profit design system tool or product looking for advising on product features, there is an additional $200 per hour to provide guidance on your product. However, this fee is waived for Patreon Full Moon members.